• Hell Hath No Fury

    Hell Hath No Fury

    Among the 3 boys we adopted from foster care is a child who fancies not only power, but control. He is the 2nd youngest of our kids, but pushing for adulthood. This kid has what one might refer to as breathtaking anger management difficulties. He’s fine when things go his way, but throw a monkey…

  • The Arrivals

    The Arrivals

    There comes a time in one’s life when you have to hunker down and start taking responsibility for your life and your choices therein, as well as get a handle on your future. Afterall, you can’t stay in the bachelor mindset your whole life, can you? This chapter involves expansion. See, towards the end of…

  • Check Me Out

    Check Me Out

    We have a friend that used to be known (county-wide) for saying and doing the most ridiculously stupid things in public and embarrassing himself, along with the others who happened to be with him. This friend will remain nameless, being as I don’t need any lawsuits here. One night we were all at this cheap…