• Check Me Out

    Check Me Out

    We have a friend that used to be known (county-wide) for saying and doing the most ridiculously stupid things in public and embarrassing himself, along with the others who happened to be with him. This friend will remain nameless, being as I don’t need any lawsuits here. One night we were all at this cheap…

  • Fire Starters

    Fire Starters

    Every year, after the New Years celebrations and subsequent hangovers, we would proceed to take down our highly discounted tree; in a most unusual way. Most people simply take their tree, wrap it up in a couple of trash bags (to prevent a fire hazard) and throw it in a pile with the rest of…

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Oh Christmas Tree

    As many people know, bachelors seldom have more than two pennies to rub together. After all, it is hard to save your money when you have so many financial obligations at your feet, like: The purchase of alcoholic beverages, Macaroni & Cheese, and junk food. Not to mention having to throw wild parties each and…