Check Me Out

We have a friend that used to be known (county-wide) for saying and doing the most ridiculously stupid things in public and embarrassing himself, along with the others who happened to be with him. This friend will remain nameless, being as I don’t need any lawsuits here.
One night we were all at this cheap diner, known as Spires. We were all having a heart to heart discussion, when we could hear a small group of people giggling and mocking our discontent with the women in our lives.
This upset us slightly, but no problem, they were idiots, so we were prepared to ignore them. WE were prepared, not our ill fated friend, mind you.
The group of people continued to vituperate in our general direction as we left the restaurant. This upset our foolish friend even further; so he decided that he was going to do something about this “Atrocity” and right now.
As we were all getting into our cars to part for the night, our friend informs us that he has concocted a plan.
“Hold on a minute!” he exclaimed.
‘Oh shit, what was he going to do now?’
He goes over to the window that the maturity-deficited pests were sitting near and with clenched fists furiously pounded on the window. He then proceeded to pull down his pants, and expose his shiny white deficationary device to the people while shouting, “CHECK ME OUT !!! “
The pests were startled to say the least and a bit perturbed at the human equivalent of a full moon, and proceeded to get up to go apprehend our inventive little friend, who at this point was running at full speed towards the parking lot shouting “LETS GO ! LETS GO ! THEY’RE COMING OUT !!!”
As we were pulling our cars into position to pick him up, he slips on some water, does a slider under the side of one of the cars, and bashes his knee. We pulled him up, scrambling into the car, and took off.
The next day we all meet up with our member of the Clan of the Full Moon who was donning a full leg brace to nurse his torn knee ligaments.
The whole incident cost him $1600 in doctor bills and two months recovery. Would you not think that this would serve as a lesson to him for future outbursts…? One would think that, however, He has made a virtual career out of ingeminating.