The Angry One

My bachelor experiences are many indeed. Some bad, some good, but all memorable. One particular memory is of my friend and once roommate. He had been enslaved at a local restaurant during the busiest week they ever had. He had been working about 17 hours a day and getting only about 2 hours of sleep, or less, each night. By the end of the week he had only logged about 7 hours of sleep total for about 6 days of forced labor. Needles to say, he was exhausted!
Being the loving, caring roommates that we were, my other roomy and I decided to shed some light on his predicament. This was done by waiting till he finally got to sleep and then quietly placing a flashing street construction light on his night stand, with the light beaming directly into his work-torn face. Then sneaking out, my roomy went to his bed, and I to the bathroom to partake in the nightly routine of plaque removal.
Not even ten seconds later, I hear the furious thunder of stomping feet coming from our sleep deprived victim’s bed chamber. The door swung open and I lay witness to the most angry of all men.
Standing before me was my now awakened and not at all amused 6 foot 2 inch 220 pound roomy, holding in his violently clenched fist an methodically flashing construction light; flashing to its own innocent little beat.
His face was one of pure infuriated rage and disgust at our apparent lack of courtesy and disrespect for his current sleepless situation.
I had only one chance for survival at this point. It came with the single, simple gesture of a pointed finger in the direction of my other roommate’s slumbering body.
The angry roommate stampeded towards the other room, kicked open the door, shouted obscenities that would rival those heard in the”Deer Hunter” or “Scarface” and proceeded to delicately place the luminescence (with the fragility of a stone giant) into the opposing wall of my other roomie’s bedroom. The still-furious, but now somewhat content roommate stormed passed me and into his room; slamming his door hard enough to throw it off its hinges. And after a few more words of wisdom from the angered one, there was once again silence from his bed chamber.
“Whew!!!” I thought to myself, that could have been my mortality at hand that night. Oh well, it’s survival of the fittest (or in this case, the quick thinker) better my cohort than me, eh?